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A smartphone screen displaying the profile of 'Michael Johnson' within the Ohms app. A portrait of a young man looking off into the distance is shown, bathed in soft light. The profile includes an 'Invite' button, along with identifiers 'He/Him', 'Lives in San Francisco', and '21 miles away'. Below, the 'About me' section portrays him as a wellness enthusiast dedicated to mental and physical health through stress reduction, mindfulness, yoga, and enjoying nature.

Attracting new clients feeling like an uphill battle?

By matching your studio with clients who share your ethos, we cultivate a community that's not just lively but deeply connected.

This tailored matching process guarantees that each new member feels a sense of belonging from the start, fostering an environment where everyone is excited to contribute to what you're building
The image displays a mobile app profile for "Michael Johnson," a wellness enthusiast from San Francisco. The profile outlines practices such as meditation and breathwork, goals like emotional resilience, and tracks biosignals including heart rate and sleep. The background shows a thoughtful young man in a contemplative pose.

Feeling in the dark about keep clients in the face of competitors?

Find out what your clients really want, so you can design classes that make them look forward to more.

This helps you create meaningful experiences, drawing on their feedback to stand out, turning your studio into an experience they're keen to come back to.
A smartphone screen displaying an anxiety tracking feature within the Ohms app. The top section shows a number '4' with a gradient background, indicating 'Little to no anxiety' and states that '24% OF OHMS USERS ARE IN THIS SAME CATEGORY THIS WEEK.' Below is a graph titled 'Results over time' showing GAD-7 scores over six months with a noted average score of '12' from Sep 10-23, 2023. The bar graph illustrates fluctuating anxiety levels across the weeks. A button at the bottom offers to 'See All Anxiety Levels,' with a highlighted section indicating 'Moderate Anxiety' levels between 10-14.
Cutting Edge technology

Need a way to keep up with the latest technology?

Ohms connects you with the latest in breathwork, meditation, journaling and data analysis, making it easy to adopt and apply these in your practice.

It's not just about keeping up with trends; it's about deepening the wellness experience for your clients.
The image shows a mobile app screen titled "COLLECTIVE SESSION" with "Benjamin Smith" at the top, standing outdoors against a rocky backdrop. Below are profile icons for 38 participants, some labeled "IN STUDIO" and others "REMOTE", indicating different types of attendees.

Finding it hard to fill classes with high overhead costs?

By adding digital subscriptions, classes, and content, studios like yours have seen a significant uptick in engagement: a 40% increase in website traffic and a 15% rise in both client referrals and overall revenue.
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With Ohms, increase your class capacity smartly by seamlessly integrating our platform, designed for intuitive scheduling, digital payments, data analysis, and operational efficiency.

Streamline operations, maximize efficiency

Streamline operations, maximize efficiency

Simplify how your studio runs with a platform built for ease. It brings you intuitive scheduling, easy digital payments, and clear data insights, all aimed at improving how efficiently you operate.

Devote more of your energy to what truly matters: providing top-notch wellness experiences.
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The image displays a smartphone interface for the Ohms app featuring a profile for "Emily Anderson" with options to select "In Studio" or "Remote" sessions. The schedule below lists available "Breathwork" sessions for a week in January, offering multiple time slots on weekdays.
Scheduling and payments

Keeping up with administration feels overwhelming?

Effortlessly manage class schedules and payments, offering flexible hybrid options that cater to all your clients' preferences. Simplified booking, satisfied clientele.
The image shows a smartphone screen with a user profile on the Ohms app. It highlights personal attributes such as being "Supportive" and "Advanced" in practices like "Mental Resilience" and "Sleep Optimization." The profile indicates experience levels from "Beginner" to "Advanced," a "Gentle" and "Empathetic" communication style, and proficiency in English. There are also positive user reviews complimenting the individual's guidance and support in wellness journeys.
Your expertise

Does your expertise shine through?

Make sure what you excel at is unmistakable. Detailed profiles highlight yours strengths, but it's the glowing reviews that truly tell the story.

Ohms isn't just about organizing sessions—it's about showcasing the unique value you bring.
This image is a smartphone screen from the Ohms app showcasing a user profile for Jennifer Kim. The screen includes a photo of the user, her name, a 15-minute session duration marked with clapping hands emojis, and the Ohms app handle @ohmsapp. The profile header mentions "Breathwork" and the date "January 15th".
build advocates

Struggling to stand out in a crowded market?

Ohms helps attract clients who resonate with your ethos, turning them into advocates for your brand.

This targeted visibility not only draws in people aligned with your values but also fosters a community of advocates, creating connections that go beyond the surface.
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